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Relays & Power Supplies to integrate your doors with access control systems
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Power Supplies and Relays for Access Control Integreation

Relays and power supplies are integral components in many access control systems. 

Relays integrate the access control system’s unlock signal with the automatic door system.  The relay will delay the automatic door operator, giving the door hardware time to unlock.

365-day timer relays are popular with business and condo complexes.  They are designed to be pre-set to lock and unlock electronic hardware at specific times and days.  There are no additional access control requirements.

Power supplies provide the required power run relays, timers and electronic door hardware, taking pressure off the automatic door system or access control systems power supplies.

These components offer robust features and performance that make them suitable for various applications, including accessible washrooms, entrances to condo buildings and virtually any door utilizing an electric strike or automatic door operator. 

Key Benefits of Relays & Power Supplies

  • With adjustable settings and multiple operating modes, these devices can be configured to match a wide range of control system requirements.
  • They are compatible with various control systems, making them suitable for various applications.
  • The power circuitry in these devices is designed to ensure efficient power use and provide outstanding power filtering and surge protection.
  • Devices like the Camden CX-33 come with advanced features such as selectable time delays, washroom modes, etc. further enhancing their utility in control systems.
  • Power supplies offer adjustable voltages, providing flexibility for different power requirements.
  • Power supplies have built-in safety features, such as short circuit and thermal overload protection, to ensure safe operation.
  • 365 Timers allow you to set it and forget it.
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