Automatic Washroom Doors

Prioritizing Privacy and Functionality with Automatic Washroom Doors
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Automatic Washroom Doors Edmonton

Accessible Washroom Doors

Automatic door operators can be installed on virtually any washroom door. They are designed to make it easier for individuals to enter and exit the washroom, particularly those with mobility issues or disabilities.

We can create a custom solution for your requirements by incorporating electric strikes, washroom kits, and emergency call systems.

Power-assisted automatic washroom doors will become part of building code requirements. Getting ahead of this change shows forward-thinking management and saves future retrofitting costs and disruption.

Accessible washroom door operators are perfect for every commercial building, including:

  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Medical Service Providers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Seniors Centres
  • Public Facilities
  • Shopping Malls

Key Benefits of Automatic Washroom Doors

  • Enhanced accessibility for all users, especially those with mobility limitations.
  • Increased security and user safety by integrating electric strikes and access control systems.
  • User-friendly features include optional emergency call systems and push-to-lock buttons for added safety.
  • Compliance with potential future building codes, saving future costs and disruption.
  • Contributes to overall user satisfaction and a positive perception of your facility.
  • Become an industry leader by adopting these changes before they become code requirements.
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We have relationships with all manufacturers, so we’re not committed to selling and servicing only one brand.  We provide service on all major commercial makes and models, including:

  • Stanley
  • dormakaba
  • Nabco/Gyro-Tech
  • record/Ditec/Hunter
  • Horton
  • LCN
  • Besam

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The Camden TX-9 Transmitter is designed for ease of use and longevity. It uses readily available batteries and special circuitry to ensure long battery life.

It features a proprietary piezo sounder that provides auditory signals for low battery level, battery capacity, and “stuck switch” conditions.

Download Camden Lazerpoint TX-9 Transmitter Documentation Here

Download Camden CM-25 Activation Switch Documentation Here

Download Camden CM-45 Activation Switch Documentation Here

When an automatic door fails to operate, the first step is to check the on/off switch typically located on the automatic door header above the door. If the switch is already in the ‘on’ position and the door isn’t functioning, resetting the switch by turning it off and then back on may resolve minor operational issues. If the problem persists, it could signal a more serious issue with the door’s mechanism or the power supply, necessitating professional intervention. Regular maintenance and swift response to unusual door behaviour can preventatively address many of these issues, ensuring the door operates smoothly and consistently.

When an automatic swing door is holding open, the likely causes are a push-button activation switch that is stuck or an operator set to the ‘hold open’ setting. To troubleshoot, users should first attempt to unstick the push-button switch, gently pressing and releasing it to restore normal functionality. If unsuccessful, the operator setting should be checked, typically located on a control panel or switch on the door operator, ensuring it’s not set to ‘hold open’. If neither solution resolves the issue, professional assistance may be needed to identify and rectify the underlying problem. Regular maintenance can often preempt such issues, ensuring switches function correctly and operator settings are appropriately configured.

Maintaining the performance and longevity of your automatic sliding door involves a combination of daily safety checks, routine maintenance, and professional inspections. Daily safety checks help detect any immediate issues with the door’s activation, safety, and surrounding environment. Routine maintenance includes regular check-ups to clean the door track of debris and monitor the door’s overall functioning, with a focus on the ease of opening and closing which can indicate potential issues with rollers or other components. Alongside these, periodic inspections by AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified professionals are crucial to evaluate and maintain the door’s various components like sensors, glass, guide rails, and gears, ensuring the door remains in accordance with manufacturer standards.

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